Have you thought about these year-end investment moves?

As the end of the year approaches, take a closer look at your investment portfolio. There may be some tax-saving strategies worth considering. Check out the following areas: Wash sales. Thinking of selling a security before Dec. 31 to take advantage of a capital loss?To make sure the loss is deductible, refrain from buying a […]

Want to Minimize Rent and Storage Costs? Consider This

For many small businesses, office rent and inventory storage costs are perceived as fixed. But are such expenses truly inflexible? Oftentimes, no. Because rent and storage costs often constitute a significant portion of a business’s total expense budget, creative owners who find ways to minimize those costs may reap substantial rewards. Consider the following questions […]

Protect Your Privacy in 5 Simple Steps

Do you use a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer to connect with friends and make purchases, as well as share health concerns with your doctor? If so, your privacy may be at risk. Companies called “data brokers” routinely compile information about your habits and preferences, including your favorite brands, recreational pursuits, and credit habits. […]

New NJ Sick Leave Rules Frequently Asked Questions – and ANSWERS

We have been asked a ton of questions about the new NJ Sick Leave program, especially this most-asked question: when must the employer provide employees with the notice of employee rights? The answer is: Each employer shall provide each employee a written copy of the notification: 1. Not later than 30 days after the form […]

Survive Financial Stress with These 3 Mindset Changers

Because financial stress is a normal part of life for most people, learning to cope with money worries is important — vital, in fact — for maintaining positive relationships, job productivity, and personal health. If you’re dealing with excessive anxiety about your finances, consider implementing the following three policies: Move forward and control what you […]

Do You Have Misclassified Workers?

Independent contractor and employee —Do you know the difference between the two classifications? As you prepare your third-quarter 2018 payroll reports, take time to review the status of your workers to help you stay away from misclassification issues down the road. Knowing the difference is crucial Often, figuring out if a worker should be classified […]

3 Natural Disaster Prep Tax Tips

The storms and wildfires during the last year are a good reminder that one of the best ways to manage the aftermath of a natural disaster is to plan ahead. If you live in a natural disaster high-risk area, you can take steps to alleviate tax and financial issues post-disaster by following these tips: Check […]

2018 Tax Highlights – What You Need to Know

2018 is filled with more dramatic tax changes than we’ve faced in over 20 years! Here’s a quick video that goes through the highlights and remember, you can always reach out to use to schedule a meeting if you want to go over these changes and how they affect you and your business specifically. Business […]

Minimize Your Tax Bill with Your Charitable Work

If you do volunteer work for a charitable organization and have not kept track of your out-of-pocket expenses, you might be passing up an excellent opportunity to lower your tax bill. How to get a tax break To qualify, your unreimbursed expenses must relate directly to the charity, and you must itemize your deductions on […]

Schooling Your Children on Money Matters

Teaching your child about money and finances is easiest when you start early. Here’s a quick review of what you should teach your children at each age if you want them to become financially competent adults: Preschool Identify coins and bills, and learn what each is worth. Understand that you can’t buy everything (choices are […]