New Federal Pandemic Benefits Available Via Executive Order

Congress continues to debate how to help navigate through the ongoing pandemic. In the meantime many benefits, including Federal Unemployment benefits, have expired. To help address this assistance gap, new Executive orders were signed by President Trump. Here is what you need to know: Federal unemployment benefits The additional $600 weekly Federal employment benefits expired […]

Protect Your Business From COVID-19 Scams

Financial institutions are raising red flags about suspected fraud surrounding the Small Business Administration’s COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, according to the SBA’s Office of Inspector General. Nearly 440 financial institutions ranging from small, local credit unions to major national institutions are alerting the SBA about suspected fraudulent EIDL loan applications. The IG’s […]

Bogus Chain Letters – They’re No Joke

For decades chain letters have been making the rounds. These days they’re more likely to show up in your email than your post office box. Regardless of the process used, chain letters often have a common goal: to separate you from your money. That money, by the way, can include cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. In […]

Help! My Stimulus Payment is Wrong or Missing!

Millions of Americans already received their economic impact payment. But what if you’re still waiting or you got a check, an electronic payment or a debit card with an incorrect amount? Here are some common scenarios why you may not have received your payment and what you can do. Your payment was sent to a […]

How Stay-At-Home Orders Change Money Habits

The most fruitful periods of growth often happen when they are the least expected. Teachers and parents call them teachable moments. By reflecting on how you handle the situation, you can learn a lot about yourself. The disruption caused by this year’s pandemic is a massive teachable moment for all of us regarding money. Here […]

Get Rid of Your Kids Summertime Blues

Let’s be honest. This is a strange summer. With many recreation activities canceled or significantly altered because of this year’s pandemic and social distancing guidelines, families need to be creative to keep their kids energized and engaged. Never fear! Here’s a list of activities to create a memorable summer for your kids: Organize a family […]

Taking out a loan? Answer 3 questions first

For many Americans, debt has become a way of life. A recent LendingTree analysis of the latest Federal Reserve data showed that total U.S. consumer debt is on track to exceed $4 trillion this year. The analysis showed Americans collectively owe more than 26 percent of their monthly income on consumer debt, including car loans, […]

Accounting Basics: Passive Activity

A passive activity is a business activity in which a taxpayer does not materially participate. Material participation defined. So just what is material participation? In general, material participation requires you to be involved in the operation of the activity on a regular, continuous, and substantial basis. If you do not meet this threshold, the activity […]

Protect Your Medicaid Identity from Scammers

With more than 40 million Americans seeking unemployment benefits over the past 2 months, states are doing their best to keep up with the avalanche of applications. States are also bracing for an increase in Medicaid enrollment as many Americans get pushed off their employer’s health care plan. If you need to apply for Medicaid, […]

Be Smart on the Road and Save Money

Most Americans are doing what they canto cut their budget and save money. One of the biggest expenditures for individuals and families is gas for vehicles. Although gas prices have declined in recent months courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation isn’t dead. In fact, history suggests that over time gas prices will continue their inexorable […]