Life Events

Life is full of changes, and surprises.

We can help you make sound financial decisions.

Getting Married

Getting married is one of the most important events in many people’s lives. We can help you acquire necessary financial intelligence and wisdom.

Buying & Maintaining A Car

We know about automobile acquisition and maintenance.

Becoming a Parent

We can provide you information regarding the fiscal implications of having and raising a child.

Buying & Selling A Home

We can bequeath you with the knowledge necessary to make the best decisions you can when buying or selling a home.

Preparing for College

We can help you with college preparation, including methods of finance and tax related issues.

Planning Your Estate

We can help with estate planning, information to help make this process as free of stress as possible.

Developing a Financial Plan

We can help you develop a sound financial plan for today and the future, no matter where you are in your life’s journey.

Making Charitable Contributions

We can help with charitable contributions and related material.

Dealing with Your Bank

We have information to consider when dealing with banks.

Avoiding Scams

We’ve all heard the horror stories of overly trusting individuals being tricked into giving their money to less than savory characters. We focus on identifying scam artists and protecting yourself from them.

Improving Your Credit

We have financial advice to help you protect your credit and improve your credit rating.

Getting Divorced or Becoming Widowed

We can guide you through sober consideration if you’re getting divorced or have become widowed.

Choosing a Professional

We have recommendations for choosing the best professional for your needs.

Coping with Major Illness

A major illness can bring about life altering circumstances. We can better prepare you for the financial implications of such an event.

Buying Insurance

We can help you find various types of insurance that you might be seeking to purchase.

Coping with Death of a Loved One

When tragedy strikes the last thing anyone wants to be bothered with are financial obligations surrounding the event. Let us share this burden with you.

Getting a Loan

We have access to several loan options you should consider before making a decision on getting a loan.

Handling Other Situations

We can help with other situations that might arise which require some basic knowledge to be able to handle appropriately.

Planning for Retirement

Retirement is another important life event that requires proper planning to make it a pleasant life experience. We can help you make the most out of your retirement, no matter how far off it might be.

Improving Your Retirement

We’ve amassed a selection of financial guides designed to help you make the most of your retirement experience.