New NJ Sick Leave Rules Frequently Asked Questions – and ANSWERS

We have been asked a ton of questions about the new NJ Sick Leave program, especially this most-asked question: when must the employer provide employees with the notice of employee rights?

The answer is:
Each employer shall provide each employee a written copy of the notification:
1. Not later than 30 days after the form of the notification is issued by the Commissioner,
2. At the time of the employee’s hiring, if the employee is hired after the issuance of the
notification by the Commissioner (9-1-18) ; and
3. Upon the first request of an employee.

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If you’d like more answers to frequently asked questions regarding sick leave in NJ, please click here to view the FAQs page.

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You can find answers to these questions in that document:
• Are any employers exempt from coverage under the Earned Sick Leave Law?
• Which employees are not covered by the Earned Sick Leave Law?
• How much earned sick leave do employers have to give employees?
• May an employer have a policy that advances the employee 40 hours of earned sick leave at the beginning of each benefit year to avoid calculating accruals?
• and more

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