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Tax Planning and Tax Management Services in South Jersey

No matter what field you are in, you cannot afford to leave the tax planning and preparation for your business to chance. It is no secret that the government continually looks for ways to collect money, and the IRS is increasingly turning to small business owners. While audits of individual tax returns are on the decline, examinations of small business returns are on the rise. Even a simple mistake on your small business tax return could raise a red flag to the IRS. If you are to manage complicated tax regulation and avoid the IRS, you simply must have a professional in your corner.

That is where Business Accounting Systems, P.C. comes in. Our South Jersey firm has more than four decades of experience helping small businesses succeed. We understand the complexities of the modern tax code, and we help our clients see the big picture and understand how every aspect of their business – from payroll and accounting to cash flow and investments – can impact their tax situation.


Tax Management – An Essential Part of Your Business’ Success

Whether you like it or not, taxes are an essential part of running your business. Paying more taxes than you have to will impact your cash flow and make investing in the growth of your business even harder. Failing to pay the taxes you owe to the state and federal government could result in significant penalties, tax liens and other serious problems.

At Business Accounting Systems, P.C. we help our clients strike the right balance by taking a proactive approach to tax planning and preparation. Our team of tax professionals is here to work with you, making sure your taxes are accurate and complete to help you avoid costly penalties, fines and late fees.

A Proactive Approach to Tax Planning

By taking a proactive approach to tax planning, we are able to help our clients save money while reducing the fear they feel when facing their taxes, but focusing on your tax needs year-around, just on April 1st. When you work with us, you know that your taxes are done right, and you know that you have a professional in your corner in the event of an IRS inquiry. Proactive tax planning means no unpleasant surprises for you and your business. Instead of worrying about your taxes, you can focus your efforts on running your business and being more successful. The right tax planning can help you:
  • Pay off your home or business property
  • Pay for your child’s college education
  • Buy the car you have always wanted
No matter what your tax planning and preparation needs, our South Jersey tax experts are in your corner. One of the things that sets Business Accounting Systems, P.C. apart from its competitors is the availability of bundled services. Through the years, we have found our business clients appreciate the convenience of having their accounting, payroll and tax services all under one roof. Having all those vital services handled by the same firm means you only have one fee to pay, making budgeting and cash flow management much easier. This approach also eliminates the risk that something will be lost or forgotten, resulting in a big tax bill or missed payroll report.

Our Tax Experts are Ready to Serve You and Your Business

Our South Jersey accountants are proud to serve clients throughout the Tri-State area, including clients in Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey. No matter where you do business, we can help you make sense of your taxes and manage all your back office services. Contact us today for your tax planning and preparation consultation.

Tax Preparation
According to a study released by the US Government’s General Accounting Office last year, most taxpayers (77% of 71 million taxpayers) believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer.

Tax Planning
Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

Tax Problems
We’re here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. We pride ourselves on being very efficient, affordable, and of course, extremely discreet.

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