Be Smart on the Road and Save Money

Most Americans are doing what they canto cut their budget and save money. One of the biggest expenditures for individuals and families is gas for vehicles. Although gas prices have declined in recent months courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation isn’t dead. In fact, history suggests that over time gas prices will continue their inexorable […]

Find the best employees to contribute to your company

Turnover is an often overlooked cost of doing business. Sometimes it can run as high as 25% of salary and benefits. One way to reduce this cost is to hire wisely. It’s an oft-quoted clich√© that employees are a company’s most valuable assets. Try generating revenue with unmotivated or unskilled employees, and you’ll soon discover […]

2 Smart Tax Ideas for Your Refund

Are you looking forward to your tax refund? By now you know how much you’ll be getting and approximately when the cash will land in your bank account. The only question is, what’s the best way to put the money to work for you? Here are two tax-smart ideas. Tax Refund Tip #1 Fund your […]