Saving Tips for Soon-To-Be Pet Owners

cats and dogs

Owning a pet may improve your quality of life, but it probably won’t be cheap. Fortunately, many of the costs associated with responsible pet ownership can be controlled, or at least reduced.

2022 FICA Tax Rates

FICA tax rate

FICA tax is a combination of a Social Security tax and a Medicare tax. The Social Security tax is assessed on wages up to $147,000; the Medicare tax is assessed on all wages.

Stay Safe When Using Free Wi-Fi

Stay Safe Free WiFi

A wide variety of businesses routinely advertise free Wi-Fi access. While it may seem easy and convenient to use, free Wi-Fi comes with major risks.

What is the Best Filing Status?

The best filing status for you depends upon which status you can qualify for and your particular circumstances. Tax savings are only one consideration when selecting your filing status.

2022 Social Security Update

The Social Security Administration announced a 5.9 percent boost to monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for 2022. The increase is based on the rise in the Consumer Price Index over the past 12 months ending in September 2021.

What to do When a Loved One Dies?

mourning family

We’re here to help during this difficult time. Should you have additional questions about what to do after a loved one has passed, contact us.