2018 Tax Highlights – What You Need to Know

2018 is filled with more dramatic tax changes than we’ve faced in over 20 years! Here’s a quick video that goes through the highlights and remember, you can always reach out to use to schedule a meeting if you want to go over these changes and how they affect you and your business specifically. Business […]

Schooling Your Children on Money Matters

Teaching your child about money and finances is easiest when you start early. Here’s a quick review of what you should teach your children at each age if you want them to become financially competent adults: Preschool Identify coins and bills, and learn what each is worth. Understand that you can’t buy everything (choices are […]

Protect Your Young Children Through Estate Planning

While many people find estate planning important, those with small children may find it especially critical. An estate plan can be a helpful planning tool to ensure your children are protected in the event that something happens to you. You may use your estate plan to appoint guardians for your minor children, as well as […]

Business Owners: Do You Have a Succession Plan?

Succession planning is very important for business owners, especially those with a family-owned business. Before you sit down with your tax and legal advisors to draw up a succession plan, you should think through three important issues: Who: The question of who will succeed you in the business can be the toughest of all. Most […]

Kick Your Record Keeping Skills Into High Gear

Tax law change can be good — but it can also be messy. Make sure you’re keeping track of everything you need for the 2018 tax season (and beyond) using these pro-approved tips: 1. Create a separate bank account for all self-employed business activity. This will greatly minimize confusion come tax time by giving you […]

Make sure you’ve got a plan for your RMDs

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After all the advice you’ve received about saving for retirement, taking money out of your traditional IRAs and other qualified retirement plans may feel strange. Yet once you reach 70½, the required minimum distribution (RMD) rules say you have to do just that. Under these rules, you must withdraw at least a minimum amount from […]

Your child wants to start a business. Now what?

Has your child asked for your help with starting a business? If the answer’s yes, chances are you may not know where to start. Since the failure rate for new businesses is high, it would be supportive for you to do whatever you can to increase your child’s chances of success. That includes considering the […]