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IRS launches new “misclassification initiative”

How you classify your workers – as “independent contractors” or “employees” – matters a great deal to the IRS.  The IRS is aware that employers prefer to treat workers as independent contractors to avoid paying fringe benefits and payroll taxes.  The IRS estimates that 80% of workers who are classified as independent contractors are actually employees.  About 100 new auditors…

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Professional Payroll Services Simplifies Employee Compensation

Active business owners know that using a professional payroll service is a smart business decision. Busy owners and administrative employees adhere to the valuable benefits a good payroll service can bring to a company’s overall financials. Outsourced payroll services decreases payroll burdens and frees up administrators’ and owner’s time to focus on other important business aspects.

Seek Accountable and Compliant Payroll Services

Knowing what kinds of services to expect out of a payroll company will help in the search for one. 

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