Know the Deduction Rules for Donating Vehicles to Charity

If you donate a used vehicle to charity, you are allowed to take a tax deduction for your generosity, but only if you itemize deductions on your tax return. Here’s the current rule governing donated vehicles. Tax law: The charity must inform the taxpayer of the price the donated vehicle sold for at auction. This […]

New NJ Sick Leave Rules Frequently Asked Questions – and ANSWERS

We have been asked a ton of questions about the new NJ Sick Leave program, especially this most-asked question: when must the employer provide employees with the notice of employee rights? The answer is: Each employer shall provide each employee a written copy of the notification: 1. Not later than 30 days after the form […]

Survive Financial Stress with These 3 Mindset Changers

Because financial stress is a normal part of life for most people, learning to cope with money worries is important — vital, in fact — for maintaining positive relationships, job productivity, and personal health. If you’re dealing with excessive anxiety about your finances, consider implementing the following three policies: Move forward and control what you […]

3 Natural Disaster Prep Tax Tips

The storms and wildfires during the last year are a good reminder that one of the best ways to manage the aftermath of a natural disaster is to plan ahead. If you live in a natural disaster high-risk area, you can take steps to alleviate tax and financial issues post-disaster by following these tips: Check […]